Episode 34

Published on:

10th May 2024

Booked It - Now What's Next On Set?

You booked the gig? Congrats my friend! You should be super proud of yourself. You did the work and they chose YOU to play the role. That's HUGE!!! But What happens next?

If you are feeling some pre-acting jitters and your mind is going bonkers thinking about memorizing your lines and if you will be able to live up to everyone's expectations who booked you for this production, you're not alone.

9 times out of 10, us actors will start to second guess our skills and talents and it can cause a lot of stress before the production even begins. This is where you have to reassure yourself that you got this and they chose YOU and BELIEVE IN YOU to bring the character to life!

Let's dive into this episode of Shannon The Slayer, where we talk about what's next when you find out you're booked and confirmed to be on set to film.

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Shannon Scott

Shannon Scott is a performer and motivator dedicated in helping geeks unleash their inner superpowers through wellness, fitness and mindset.

Made fun of for being too quiet and being told she was "too fat and ugly" to ever live her dreams, Shannon has slashed through doors to make her aspirations a reality. Listening to her heart and not others opinions, Shannon has become a professional voice over artist, award winning actress, fitness model, free diving mermaid, certified life coach and elite personal trainer.

The world is full of pessimism, and Shannon knows what it's like to battle negativity and rejection on a daily basis. Stick with Shannon on her quest to help you level up in your life and her strong willpower, positive mindset and motivating spirit will be the beacon of light that will guide you through your quest in life to become your best self!